Font issues - help please

First, thanks for reading this help request. I’m hoping you can help a beginner understand something for which I’m sure I’ll be embarrassed later. Here goes:

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to specify font types. Seems pretty simple, right? That’s why I’m pretty frustrated.

I’ve read up quite a bit about it, read the documentation, watched many videos, but can’t replicate the behaviour in Pinegrow that is exhibited by others.

Take this video:

I follow it to the letter but my fonts simply do not change type(they remain in Times New Roman) as per how they start at the beginning of the video.
Also noteworthy: all Bootstrap themes load an italicized version of whatever font is being used. Never normal, and I can’t change that either.

Please help!

Easily browse and add Google Fonts to your projects – right within Pinegrow.

Support for Google Fonts is a part of evolving Asset manager.

To manage Google Fonts open Page -> Manage assets. From there you can search and add new fonts, select styles and charsets and get the font family name for use in CSS rules:

From the Asset manager, Click on the copy icon to copy the family name to the clipboard.

Then paste it into the Font family property of the CSS rule.

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Thank you for responding so quickly. However I think there is something fundamental I’m missing as I don’t think this answers my question.
Apologies for that, but it’s proving difficult to get past this.

First, why does Pinegrow default to italics immediately when I drop anything into it? Understanding this aspect alone would probably improve my understanding of what it’s doing with font handling. Example, I do nothing but drop in some random content and everything is immediately italicized. Quite apart from the font type itself, why does it do this?

Second, other than resorting to Google fonts to import new fonts, is there no way to simply call up a new font type(say Georgia for example)? Again I feel I must be missing something obvious here. I can easily do this sort of thing by changing the css by hand in, say, Atom and i see changes instantly, but when in Pinegrow achieving a simple change such as this is seemingly difficult to do. Again, I’m sure I must be missing something obvious here…

Thanks again. I realize these must seem like very basic questions, but it’s pretty frustrating on my end. Thank you.

For the sake of efficiency, let’s start with your first point: Pinegrow does not output italic as default so my guess is that you have a wrong CSS setting somewhere …

Send us a dropbox link to your project folder at supportATpinegrowDOTcom and we will analyze the situation.

Thank you, just shared.

Right, point 1 is a mystery to which there is seemingly no answer.

So, point 2 then. Why can’t commonly installed fonts be called up? Must every font type be imported? And if so, how does one import fonts that are not Google Fonts? Curious, I can’t see any documentation regarding this.

Thank you!

For point 1 the italics issue does not happen when we try to open the project you have shared with us. So as explained in our answer (email) we asked you to show more on that particular problem :slight_smile: (a video, or anything else)

For point 2, while Pinegrow makes your webdesign life easier, it’s not a word processor but a HTML coding tool so you can’t just select the fonts installed on your system.

Depending on the browser and operating system, there are standard default fonts that you can use (read this) and when you want to create more elaborated design, you can use the webfonts provided by Google, Typekit and more …

@mfg There is an outside possibility that it is the result of a corrupt font on your operating system that is displaying in italics. I know this might sound strange but I have had a similar experience and it was happening because of an issue with the version of Helvetica Neue I had activated on my system. Once I deactivated it the issue was resolved. I’m not saying it is definitely the problem but it might be worth investigating.

I had sent you a video the other day. But to save you the time of looking at it, it’s just me opening a project and then immediately pinegrow renders any text in italics. That’s all it is.

Thanks though

Might be. I’ve been suspecting it must be a local machine issue…

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Just an off-the-cuff comment: One day my programmer’s text editor started showing the editing window display font in italics.

I discovered that after upgrading LibreOffice, certain font styles from several font families had been deleted. I confirmed this action had been caused by the LibreOffice upgrade.

Specifically in my case, the ‘Regular’ (aka ‘Book’) style of the DejaVu Sans Mono font family disappeared, leaving the Italic style as the best option to display.

@mfg any further update on your font issue?

Hello everyone,

Noticing a similar issue when using Materialize with Pinegrow(also does a strange outline font effect for headers for some reason), so I’m guessing it must be a local machine thing. I’ll update once I have a bit more time.


There is a handful of fonts that all platforms support - “web safe” fonts that come preinstalled as the basic set. Fonts that come on all systems include Arial / Helvetica, Times New Roman / Times, Courier New / Courier, Palatino, Garamond, Bookman, Avant Garde

Fonts that are also common between Mac and Windows (but not UNIX) are Verdana, Georgia, Comic Sans, Trebuchet, Arial Black, Impact

There are around 100 fonts defined by Google as being web-safe. As for me, I might use Verdana or Arial, but I tend to use Google Fonts for most things.

When Using Google Fonts, be aware that many fall shy of a fully professional build and some have some odd character choices. For example, Raleway looks great and there are many weights, but they use old-style baseline shifts with some numbers that are out of place with the feel of the font. I will then use Raleway for many things but switch to Oxygen for numbers (fewer available weights, though).