Adding Fonts to Pinegrow Other than Google's

The Documentation says you can add other fonts beside Google Fonts. It appears that Pinegrow 3.11 does not have that ability? Does anybody know? Thanks.

It depends on how you understand Pinegrow and web design in general.

It certainly has the ability to embed all and everything you like. This only happens to be true as long you know what you’re doing. Mostly it’s just embedding some resources links at the correct place.

But if you understand Pinegrow as a one app for all task on one-click, it might be, that Pinegrow is not the correct tool for you. I just want you to remember that Pinegrow doesn’t hide you from code. It’s a pro-tool trying to make some basic things more comfortable. This is called plugin& libraries. And those, that are currently installed are those being available - all the rest not.

But you no what? It’s even possible to write your own plugins and libraries.



woah! sorry for delay there @codelearner, I hope your still about
this should help. its pretty spot on directions :slight_smile:

This video tutorial shows nothing about adding fonts other than google fonts. the question was: How can i add other fonts besides google fonts? I would also like an answer to this.

For adding a custom web font, one can use the @font-face css rule.

You can learn more about it on w3schools and mozilla dev

This site might be of some help.