How to attach font awsome to codepen nav?

I rewatched the codepen nav tutorial. It worked in PG except when I added font awesome. First I tried activating the PG font awesome 4, then 5 and attached to my page.

When those didn’t work I deactivated them, "open url: and added the Codepen link awesome 2 link. That didn’t do anything either.
Suggestions please.

Not sure @kat - I went back to check through the tutorial and everything seems okay. So none of the icons are showing at all? Can you take a screenshot of your page code or the tree?

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Html code is at the bottom. I suspect font is not attaching properly.

`<!doctype html>

Foundation | Welcome

Fixed it. I had to open copepen as a new project then start from there. Evidently adding it as a top level page along with other foundation pages confused font-awesome.

Wow, that was weird. Glad you worked it out.

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