Foundation Meetup: Web Development 101

If you have an hour and 25 minutes to spare and would like to watch an interesting video about web development, frameworks brought to you by Zurb (Foundation) have a look at this Foundation Meetup: Web Development 101


but but…what if they were the LAST 1 hour and 25 minutes of my life, …unknowingly! to me?
Would I be annoyed with myself for having spent them watching this?.. or would I be thrilled?
And looking for a a MAC to install PG on in heaven?

Hey! I m worried now!
what happens, now, if after making the above comment, I watch this vid and then then, just as its finishing…

@schpengle well if that’s the case then on behalf of everyone here I would like to say it has been a pleasure knowing you and if you can try and find a way to let us know if there is life after death that would be super cool :innocent:

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beep…beep beep…Click!..tip…tapp…tippety tap… tippety tappety…

…are you there Schpengle?.. are you THERE?

click…tippety tap…

yes… Yes! I do believe we are getting a communication… yes! there, Look! on my screen… INCREDIBLE!

scrape…scratch…tip tip…tippety tappety tippety tappety!
Yes! my Lord, LOOK! ITS TYPING! my Keyboard is TYPING!

(I would have been so much quicker but it would appear that my web hosting solution has broken much of my back end in yet another undrequested upgrade - ugh)

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