Free Chocolate!

How about, each time one of us (well, more specifically, ME!) actually FINISHES! a GOOD website, with PineGrow, They (I !) get sent a CHOCOLATE GIFT! from somewhere in the world?

Well, it sounds perfectly feasible ot me. :slight_smile:


I like this new service -
For 10 euros you send a card, paper notebook, stickers, tea and a bubble Wrap to a friend :slight_smile:.

WELL YES! That’s interesting, however, it is $25 before I get a chocolate bar with this service… soooo, not good :slight_smile: I could fly to Switzerland and buy some quality chocolate for that price :smiley:
mmmm, good point thought. Maybe I should just finish some of my sites, then have enough money to actually buy MY OWN chocolate.

Not as much fun as my original idea though…

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Why am I not surprised this unique idea was started by you @schpengle!

Mr @schpengle stikes again!!! :grinning