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MindGlow - set of blocks for Pinegrow

Hello , I would like to share with you set of reusable Pinegrow components I have created.
They are available for download here:
You can take a look at the files structure and tutorials how to set them in the Pinegrow Editor.



Nice Site @cravsky! and thanks a lot for making these available to us :slight_smile:
I shall have a play with these later today , if not sooner. I like them!
Good videos too, on your site. I like the delivery, rate and voice. we’ll done.
Reminiscent of our @matjaz, which part of the world are you/is that accent from?

Ok cheerio for now and thanks from everyone in Pineland :slight_smile:


Very nice of you to share these! Will give them a run this weekend.

You should place a subscription form on your site. That way you can keep everyone up to date: )

If you need something to get started free, may I suggest MailerLite



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