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Free stock photos for your projects


I’m full of tips at the moment… I hate generic stock photos - I refuse to purchase stock photos - so I make use of the free websites that offer free stock photos, however it can be annoying searching each individual site and I discovered this app , only issue is that it’s really expensive - $4.99


Zoommy is great (purchased it recently for $0.99, as far as I remember).

There is only one downside: Its Search feature, which is carefully said mediocre (to avoid the term “unusable”)




There are a few annoyances, such as the search, no option to set download path and newest version doesn’t work with linux - but I know the developers are working on an updated version, so maybe they will improve the search feature.


There is also pixabay, 890K images free to use.


pixabay is useful for template stock photos but everyone uses pixabay! there is one photo of a guy on a laptop that I see virtually every day, across different websites!

Edit: this photo


True. I wouldn’t use any stock photo’s for client work as they are unrelated to the business. They are perfect for creating mockup’s and as placeholders. Vector Art on the other hand is something else all together. With the technology in today’s smartphones you can grab all the media that you need without carrying around an SLR.




Exactly right @vrooney

You could build an elegant website in terms of the layout but once you start using stock photos that everyone is using, it makes you look cheap!

Love Vector Art :sunglasses:


I have created a site for free stock photos for health and fitness

Check it out and let me know what I can improve