What Cookie's does Unsplash add?

My site contains no cookies. However, I do use Unsplash images and this adds a cookie to my site.

Does anyone know what this cookie collects?

I’m trying to determine if I need a cookie consent notice.

@svsmailus I’d image the UnSpalsh cookie policy explains it:

@svsmailus it would be a shame to require the cookie consent notice just because of one or more Unsplash images on your site. To avoid that, you can download the images from Unsplash and serve them from your site. You have to download them manually, PG doesn’t heave a feature for that at the moment.


I have thought of that. However, Unsplash users have been known for adding photos, then removing them and suing people who still use the photos.

Using the API is safer as once a user removes the photo so will the API and I’ll quickly see if any photos have been removed as they will be missing from my site. This is a better safety mechanism for me.

@svsmailus I think that is an interesting article but it fails to mention a few important elements for example, it was a photographer using someones else’s photo in their blog but doesn’t state whether he had properly credited the photo, if he hadn’t then it could be intentionally misleading to readers that the photo was taken by him. This alone would be grounds for claiming copyright infringement. Also, it would be normal enough in these situations to demand the person remove the material in question or face the consequence of continuing to use it. This raises the question as to why, as far as I can tell from the article, didn’t he remove the photo(s) in question and put an end to the matter.

I think as a photographer he should be more than aware of copyright re: photographs and at a minimum he should have enough respect for other photographers that he would credit their work and by failing to do so deliberately misled visitors to his website. For me it would be like a graphic designer using another graphic designer’s work on their website without stating who created it, not only not cool but illegal.

Personally I have no problem using downloaded images from sites like UnSplash and if I ever received a notice re: copyright I ask for verification/clarification who the photograph belong to, ask if I haven’t included the correct credit for the photo and if that wasn’t enough I remove it. End of the matter. Just my opinion.

Sadly it wasn’t the end. Payment was required or the infringement would go to court. That could end up costly for an innocent party.

This is not an isolated case.

As soon as you download an image from an image service, you then need to have some mechanism to ensure you know if/when the image is removed.

There’s also the question of what happens if your client ends up with an email highlighting image infringement on a website you developed. That could seriously harm your business, admittedly that’s why most would buy stock photos.

This does however, highlight the dangers of image services.

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@svsmailus Sorry I know I’ve somewhat hijacked your question but I thought I’d share what I’ve just received from UnSplash newsletter… they’re starting a subscription service which will protect users from copyright issues:

UnSplash just introduced UnSplash+ which might explain why they previously didn’t offer to protect users from copyright claims. Their new subscription service does offer this!

Unsplash grants you an unlimited, perpetual, nonexclusive, worldwide license to download, copy, modify, distribute, perform, and use Unsplash+ photos downloaded from your Unsplash+ subscription, including for commercial purposes, without requiring attribution (photo credit). If you use the Unsplash+ photos properly, Unsplash promises that your use will not infringe on anyone else’s copyright or other intellectual property rights, or any rights of publicity or privacy, and if you receive a claim, Unsplash will cover you up to US $10,000, per file.

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That will be great for many organisations. £192 per year for unlimited photos (there is an early bird pricing of £72 for the first year), although many smaller developers may still need to use the free service.

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Is shows up as €48 yearly for me!

This is the link from the email I received, try it and see if its any different… maybe in a private browser window to prevent any existing cookies:

Nope, same high price as before.

@Rob as I don’t get the same price as you either, I can only think of one explanation, you are a super Unsplash VIP :slight_smile:


I can confirm, I’m only paying 48 a year too! :wink:

Maybe it’s somehow location related

Yep, Try using a VPN,

Sometimes… when paying for things… say you just happen to be passing through some country such as Country X…at the time… you may be pleasantly suprised to see how much tax you pay etc.

IN fact… allow me!

I was suprised about Norway/Norge, due to their higher Taxation, social welfare costs.
So I was expecting their costs to be higher.
maybe a local can enlighten us.

and yes… if your gonna poach a topic…

Welcome to Digital rip offs,
For the same article… it pays to shop around… the world.

Incidentally I found the initial Unsplash Cookie topic, Image fishing/ambushing… really interesting.
What a scam!

Thanks for the enlightenment.

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The surprising thing is that @Rob is in England if I’m not mistaken, so unless he uses a VPN all the time and forgot to tell us, there is still something we don’t understand :slight_smile:

Nope, think he’s in The Republic of Ireland (the Southern bit… of the big Island…which is called Ireland) Which is why the Price is in Euros… The Northern bit of the big island is part of the … United Kingdom… er… which is bigger than… Great Britain…and uses £ Pounds Stirling as currency.

Confused much yet?
Lets take it a step further…

Interestingly…Southern Ireland…is …above… Northern Ireland!

Only the Irish could manage that! (ok ok… so the British (?) Government had a bit of a hand in that too…

For beginners!

PS… please dont mention the history…stick to the Geograpthy, or this topic will go seriously even more off topic :stuck_out_tongue:


I certainly shan’t be subscribing at the UK price. I’m not sure that using a VPN will help when it comes to checkout and you need to put in your actual address.

Well… that depends where your on holiday when you purchase goods really…

Anyway, me, since the Brexit, I am lost :slight_smile: (grin grin)
Thanks for this applied geography lesson!!!