Pinegrow Web Editor or Pinegrow Theme Converter

Hello, I have a question. How do the two programs actually differ? I have a license for Pinegrow Web Editor WP. But at the moment I design my pages more with Webflow. Can I convert the exported pages with Pinegrow Web Editor to Wordpress or should I additionally purchase the Pinegrow Theme Converter here?

The main point is:

You should use Pinegrow Web Editor with WordPress theme builder if you do most of HTML and CSS editing mainly with Pinegrow, possibly in combination with code editor like Atom or VS Code.

But if you want to (mainly) use other website builders - especially those that export the HTML code like Webflow does - then Pinegrow Theme Converter can be the perfect solution for you.

The difference between these two apps is that Theme Converter stores WP actions outside of HTML source, thus making it possible to easily re-export HTML code from a different website builder app.

Read more about it at:

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Thanks, for the information. Now I understand the differences.

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