Moving from Dreamweaver - link updating question

Have Static html responsive on bootstrap in Dreamweaver with templates and nested templates.

Think Pinegrow is best for me to move away from Dreamweaver without too much work. Reading tutorials I have most things covered with Master Pages and Components. A couple of questions remain:

  1. Does Pinegrow support sitewide link changes? For example, if I renamed an image file while inside Pinegrow, would Pinegrow update all links sitewide?

  2. Does Pinegrow support the find and replace feature? And if so, does it support the options such as the current page or sitewide?

  3. Does Pinegrow support nested Master Pages?

Mine is a static site but it’s on a PHP server. I’m demo’ing ajax zoom. At the moment I can upload the HTML pages from Dreamweaver and then the PHP stuff on the server generates all the tiles from main images and make folders and then they are static.

Is there are way for Pinegrow to run the PHP and do this locally?

Hi @mike5674,
For your first two question - Pinegrow doesn’t have this functionality. Pinegrow is able to fix links if you move file locations, but not names. Pinegrow is made to work alongside code editors for doing things like multi-page find and replace. There are plugins for both Atom and Visual Studio Code.

For your third question - I’m not quite sure what you mean and I would need an example. Overall, my guess is that you might be able to accomplish what you want, but not as a “nested” master page.

For your final question about PHP. Pinegrow is essentially an appified browser. So the actual “server” is only able to accomplish what is normally available on the Chromium engine, which doesn’t include PHP interpretation. Only HTML/CSS and JavaScript. You would have to modify your workflow to create the final static files. Sorry.


Many thanks,

Can I ask, if, for example, I had a load of links to images and decided to move those images to a new folder, another level deeper, then Pinegrow will pick up those and then fix all the links to those images in all pages sitewide, even if those pages are not open in the application?

For the third question, to clarify. I use a main DreamWeaver template, but I have additional .dwt template files (with different layouts) linked/made from this main template. So I call them nested from the main template if that makes sense. So, if I make changes to the main .dwt, the changes populate all the Html pages made from this main .dwt, but additional it updates the other nested .dwt templates, which in turn update all the pages made from these nested .dwt templates.

I’m guessing I can achieve the same sort of thing using components inside a master page.

I see how I need to use Atom and use the find and replace feature; thanks.

The PHP thing is the same as Dreamweaver then. I upload the html/css/js code and the server does the php generating stuff.

Pinegrow isn’t quite that automatic about link updating. Each page has to be opened, updated and saved.

I think you are right that components inside of a Master page would work. Not sure without seeing the pages specifically.

Reach out if you need help,

I followed the same path, having started out with Macromedia’s Dreamweaver and then continued with Adobe’s Dreamweaver after they acquired Macromedia in 2005. I continue to use Dreamweaver’s powerful editing, find & replace, file management and PHP/MySQL server behaviors along side of PineGrow’s powerful CSS building tools to build my websites. I’ve been hoping that the folks at PineGrow would adopt and include some of the above mentioned Dreamweaver features but so far no such joy. :sob:

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Yes, and this missing basic functions are the reason that PG isn’t a full replacment for me either. I’ve tried it but the bad code/view implementation left me with DW2016…