Google Search Console: Text Too Small To Read

Google search console says on my index.html text is too small to read and it refuses to crawl my site because of that. The thing is the only text I have there is animated and is huge saying “Hello” then redirects to another page. The rest of my pages are ok with Google…I have the site running perfectly the way I want, and I am not too well versed in web editing :confused:

I followed similar articles to the one I pasted below and everything seems ok…

Running out of ideas of what I can do… Any one have any ideas?

my website:

Don’t use such redirections. They look very unprofessional and not seo friendly. Use pinegrow interactions for that Hello effect and make index2 your index.html page.

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Originally I had my animation set the way you mentioned, however, I had this annoying flicker I couldn’t get rid of. Basically, my index2 would flicker revealing itself then do the hello message and slowly reveal. So my ghetto fix was to have a blank page… I guess I will have to “professionally” address this issue later on. For now, I am trying some cheap fixes such as adding <p>...</p> or telling robots.txt not to look at that page. If I have success will post my findings. Thank you