Hamburger doesn't dropdown on mobile

hamburger doesn’t dropdown on mobile
works fine on What am I missing please?

@RobM I’m refactoring–slow going. Getting the courage to install purgecss, but not there yet.

<script src="href=js/popper.js" defer></script>
    <script src="href=js/bootstrap.js" defer></script>
    <script src="href=js/jquery.min.js" defer></script>

Must be:

<script src="js/popper.js"></script>
    <script src="js/bootstrap.js"></script>
    <script src="js/jquery.min.js"></script>

Maybe there are more wrong links, but this is the hamburger dropdown part.

Check your site in the Chrome console please for more errors.
Go to: More Tools > Developer Tools and click on the “console” tab. Refresh your page edit the wrong links and check if the error is gone. Refresh again etc…


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<script src="href=js/popper.js" defer></script> VSC command clicking link shows The editor could not be opened because the file was not found.
index.html is inside development folder.
popper.js is inside js folder inside development folder.
How do I find popper.js link in PG 2?

I never use Pinegrow for web design (only animations), but I would look where the file is and then make the link.

Like my example! You use wrong linking code!
So if you see a folder for example “assets” that contains the folder > “js” and holds the file > bootstrap.min.js

Your link will be:
<script src="assets/js/bootstrap.min.js"></script>

But I don’t know the real link! You must be able to locate the file and then in the text editor <> of Pinegrow write down the link, like in my example but then your situation.

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<script src="js/popper.js"></script> works

I took out defer which is supposed to be a better practice allowing me to put all my .js scr links in the head instead of before end of body
Thanks for hanging in there with me @AllMediaLab

Defer works like this:

Scripts: async, defer.

But with only 3 links and fast internet it will not make any difference.

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Nice. Is turning off the eye on the tree same as commenting out? If not how do I comment out so I can see what happens.

@kat Nope. the eye is only used in the Pinegrow page view and has no action on the product code. (ie: it does not comment on the HTML code at all).

As I guess the next question will be : So how do you comment on the code from the interface? Well, I anticipate by answering that it is not possible at the moment, to comment, you will have to go through the code editor.

To leave a comment in your HTML, place a <!-- tag before the code and a --> tag after the code that you want to hide. These tags tell browsers to ignore anything between them.

<h1>Hello, world!</h1>
<!-- please make all buttons orange, including this one! -->
<button>Click me</button>
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Doesn’t work with defer but does works with