Headless ecommerce and pinegrow

Does anyone have recommendations of a headless CMS or a headless ecommerce platform that works well with pinegrow developed sites on the front end?

We want to replace our shopify sites with custom developed sites but don’t want to have to build the entire back end for managing orders etc.

Hi @excede,
Can’t be a lot of help here, but I can give a few thoughts.
Pinegrow handles JavaScript best, but can also deal with PHP. There is some built-in support for Angular. Depending on what tech stack suits you best, I would steer toward a CMS that was language agnostic and then work in either vanilla JS or Angular. Steer away from Ruby and for the moment React. You could also think about PHP. Pinegrow allows easy use of it, but there isn’t an instant preview. There are workarounds for this. I’ll be interested to hear what others have to say.

Well, a few days ago I created this guide about implementing Snipcart into WordPress using Pinegrow. Even if you don’t use WordPress, I think Snipcart is still worth a look (it simply works with html attributes) as it perfectly resembles the concept of a headless ecommerce system.

Snipcart ecommerce WordPress integration with Pinegrow (guide) - Pinegrow WP - Pinegrow Community Forum


I develop my templates in PG, then use a static site generator and the headless CMS CloudCannon. Or if you are Jamstack you could use something like Angular and StoryBlok.

I haven’t used Snipcart but looks good and integrates well into static sites.

Hope that helps.

Thank you. I will look into snipcart, we need something really flexible and powerful. Basically something as powerful as the shopify admin but then a completely custom front end (that can be built in pinegrow with vanilla CSS HTML and JS, no frameworks and definitely no liquid!). We also use woo-commerce wordpress and find it so bad that we could never consider it again.

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I think you will be pleased with this post just today;

@excede would love to hear more about what went wrong with WooCommerce. We are considering adding the support for creating WC projects, in a similar way as our WP builder works now.