Best CMS Solutions for Pinegrow?

Outside of Wordpress (PHP), ASP, ERB has anyone found a good workflow solution for Pinegrow with a CMS?

I’m currently using Jekyll on That Tech Show website but working in Pinegrow takes a lot of… imagination. Would be great to hide the code or somehow Pinegrow to recognise the bundler running.

@fakesamgregory Hi,

What a lot of people don’t know and it’s not much advertised is that Pinegrow contains a CMS mode for clients can be activated in the preferences, I use it for one client:

The benefit is that it is database less and works very simple. And you already know how Pinegrow works.


Thanks for this. I was aware of a CMS mode but I want to abstract the CMS away from Pinegrow altogether. I can’t imagine too many clients feeling comfortable in Pinegrow though I’ve not explored it too much.

As a dev I don’t care too much for the content, I just don’t want to see code related to the CMS in Pinegrow. An extension of the ‘server-side scripts’ library/plugin.

Thank you for responding! I’ll look into CMS a little more to see if it opens some more doors.

I have never tried PG CMS, but one thing i quickly notice is that it does not integrate a ftp client and i can not imagine a cliente connecting the trough say cyberduck and updating stuff in the public html folder.
I remember Adobe Muse had a simple ftp built-in. You just click s button to upload content.

For simple client site editing i have used these three

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Please, for the love of christ can we stop using FTP to upload files? It’s 2022!!

Look into Git and deployment pipelines for your sanity’s sake and reassurance you don’t overwrite changes for ever or bring down a server.

But seriously, with those examples, are you currently using these with Pinegrow?

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I have used Pinegrow with CraftCMS for a few years now. Being able to create my own html designs into theme pages for use is Craft is great.


This is excellent for small blog sites everything you need for smaller projects and is free and maintained. Supporting this project is a great way to keep it going. Perfect for html website created in pinegrow.


Craft is PHP based, right?

Is flat-file CMS the way to go? What others have you tried?

Hi @fakesamgregory,

Am I right in understanding that you are after a static site generator like Jekyll?

No, currently using Jekyll. Just asking people’s preferred choice of using Pinegrow with a CMS (outside of its existing PHP, ASP and ERB compatibility) and how people got around the problem of seeing junk code and variables in their Pinegrow design.

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Craft CMS is Php based so you can hide the clutter. Flat file is great for small to medium sized projects. They take allot of the headaches with security and importing/exporting out of the equation. I like php based CMS’s another one I am just starting to use is its a complete solution forked from October CMS. If static site generator is what your after I like Astro its very new but looks promising. Again you will have all the cluttered code. That’s one of my biggest dislikes when using a coding language I cant hide when viewing the front end. as you said, it takes using your imagination to the next level. Makes lots of problems when trying to stay consistent.

Yep. Current version requires PHP 8

Speaking of PHP, although I’ve been worried about the evolution of the CMS recently, it’s important to point out that it’s still possible to use WordPress without the Gutenberg blocks features or even by simply disabling a bunch of useless features (emojis and co).

Using custom fields, custom post types, using the right templates for the right needs, it’s (still) definitely possible to create efficient, optimized and easily maintainable themes with Pinegrow and thus quality websites :slight_smile:

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MODx is the perfect CMS for Pinegrow. The design is maintained separately from the management portion. MODx

Thank you everyone for their input, I’m hoping to make a video after I’ve figured out a decent JAMStack CMS for Pinegrow