Feedback needed on Pinegrow WooCommerce integration

We are looking into adding a WooCommerce integration to Pinegrow and first need to learn more about what users (you) actually need, and how you use WC (such a great acronym :slight_smile: )

WC comes with a set of predefined templates that make it possible to integrate the shop with just adding the woocommerce_content() function. I’m guessing that this is usually not enough, right?

What is your process of building a WC site? Do you override the supplied template parts or add template functions directly to your custom code? How about styling?

What is the biggest pain you hope PG WC would solve?

Thanks for your input!


I have been waiting for this for years now so I am glad to see you finally are doing something about it since woo is such a huge part of WordPress.

First an answer to your last question.
PG WC would finally make it possible to have a full solution without a pagebuilder, and now all projects I have had that involve woo I used Elementor or Oxygen to save time.

It’s simply not time-effective to use pinegrow to make the main template and then hand code the wocommerce part so for each site. If a client needs woo I go for Elementor or Oxygen and just skip pinegrow all together.

Elementor is by far the best when it comes to customization options for woo out of the box but with a bit of manual coding oxygen gets the job done well and performance-wise much better than elementor.

I would not mind a bit of PHP code and things like that as long as you have to option to customize and style everything.

I can’t answer any of your other questions because I do not hand-code woocommerce sites because most of my clients does not care how I do it as long as I get the job done and as fast as possible and in most cases, hand-coding is not an option unless the client has a bigger budget.

What I suggest is to have a look at Elementor and Oxygen and see what they do and try to implement something similar or better.

Oxygens options for woo are a bit limited but a guy on youtube just made an awesome tutorial and how to style and change everything in oxygen with small bits of PHP code ,some custom styling and with a few small plugins such as wishlists.

I suggest you have a look at those tutorials and get some inspiration from them and maybe you can find a better way to handle the problems or if we could do the same in PG WC it would be awesome because then we finally could stop relying on pagebuilders.

Not sure about posting links and things here so ill post his youtube channel and you can just find it yourself on youtube.

His youtube channel is “Design with Cracka” and he got a whole tutorial called how to build a woocommerce store in oxygen and it’s an awesome tutorial and you should get some inspiration on how to do things in PG WC.


I’d really love to see WooCommerce support in PG! It’s quite easy to create Wordpress themes in PG at the moment but WooCommerce is a pain. I’d love to see special smart actions and simple placeholders like Product image, Price and so on. Also predefined sites for a product page, cart and so on would be great.

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Yes! I would look at how oxygen integrates with Woo (WC makes me laugh). They do a nice job.

Praying for WooCommerce Action and Filter Hook Reference Implementation with Tool Tips: Like WordPress Actions Menu in PG.

To my current knowledge utilizing WC action & hooks allow for greater control and customization while virtually eliminating the unpredictable template override behavior often caused when upgrading WC and its extensions so inherently they’re more future proof as a result to update a hook call string vs an entire template IMHO.

A minor vent

Begin Rant: It’s an incredibly intense process that involves a lot of rage quitting and switching between PG/WP/WC Code References because although I utilize a WP compatible server for site hosting, I don’t want to build my site strictly online within the WP environment and rely upon the convoluted, array of bloated WP/WC plug-ins that have the tendency to cause drastic site slow down, security issues, deprecated support or cause the site to be too high maintenance to maintain. At the time of this writing I’ve yet to find any offline or stand alone solution for WC. I do realize the situation is only like this for me because my preference or mindset for site development calls for me not to use predesigned templates that are easily attained across the internet but it’s not worth it to have to reverse engineer other templates when I have immediate access to such a cool app as Pinegrow. End Rant :smirk:

I’m extremely excited to see this topic arise because I’ve been searching the web endlessly since my PG-WP purchase to discover a clean way to simply load the WC action & filter hook library and enqueue those scripts within my development workflow.


Here is what i would like to do

Build custom loop for shop archive
Customize the mini cart
Build a variable swatch
Customize the product single page
ACF support for woocommerce
Customize the checkout page

A wocoomerce intergration would be for me a killer feature