Hello all blocsapp user may buy pinegrow?


i use blocsapp and few features seem to be missing in like bootstrap 4 support etc looking to have full page slider with ability to add buttons etc over top as elements is this possible in standard or pro versions of this software ?

Thank you Mike

ps will i find it easy to migrate to Pinegrow software wise ?

Pinegrow has no limitations in terms of what you can do because it allows you full access to the HTML, CSS and javascript code. The built-in slider in Bootstrap is Owl Slider, which I’m sure can do what your trying to do, but if it can’t, you can use any of the dozens of free sliders that are available on the web.

As far as finding it easy to migrate to Pinegrow from Blocs, I’m gonna have to go ahead and say, “no.” Blocs is a drag & drop visual designer. While Pinegrow has some drag & drop features, and some great visual tools, it is considerably more complex software with a higher learning curve. You either need to have at least a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, or a strong desire to learn, to really be able to build a site painlessly in Pinegrow. It’s more of a HTML/CSS editor than a visual builder.

The upside to this is that by learning Pinegrow, you are significantly adding to your website building skills, and your value as a front-end builder. The downside is that it will take a strong desire to learn these skills and not get frustrated because learning to code takes time. Pinegrow can do almost anything, but it doesn’t stop you from doing things that can “break” your layout.

If you are looking for a solution that is more similar to Blocs but that supports Bootstrap 4, you might want to check out Bootstrap Studio, or Mobirise. Both support Bootstrap 3 and 4, are available for the Mac, and are more similar in look/feel to Blocs. They’re also very reasonably priced.

Personally, I have all of them, but I use Pinegrow the most because I build a lot of custom sites for my clients, with a lot of hand-coding. One of the cool things about Pinegrow is that you can build sites in any program, and bring them into Pinegrow to tweak them, or do things the builders can’t do.


Hello Thank you Printninja

I really do appreciate your indepth reply i am not adverse to learning software as come from the likes of logic and cubase as used to be a technician in the music industry.

i have only one concern the pro version is twice the price almost of the standard version will i miss a lot out if go for the standard version ?

as i do like to do things well and would hate to lose out on the one thing i need ?

Thank you once again for your help much appreciated

i do find blocs limiting and temd to use the html elements on that a lot.

kind Regards


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I would go for the pro version if you have intentions of building websites on a regular basis, or as a business. Also, if you’re going to build multi-page sites, it has a some handy features like master pages (components on the master page display on all pages in the site.) This is important when you’re building multi-page websites and need to have things like navigation menus that can update across the entire site when you change the master page. The Pro version also allows you to create your own components and libraries, which can be a big time-saver if you find that you reuse certain things in your sites over and over. Lastly, it has a CMS which I haven’t explored yet, but it’s nice to know I have the option if I ever need it.

About the only thing Pinegrow doesn’t have that would be really nice is a built-in FTP, so you can upload files without leaving the program, but there are tons of free FTP programs out there. Also, it would greatly benefit from multi-monitor support, but they’re supposed to be working on that.

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Hi mikeymouse22 –

I’d thought I’d jump in here, as I too have been exploring both blocsapp & pinegrow, coming from Muse, and looking for a new tool now that Muse is expiring.

Anyhow, I should say I have very limited coding knowledge and am not a designer, but like to be able to create my own website and have complete control over it (according to my skill level, of course).

Blocsapp appeared really appealing to me when I first found it, the UI is stunning (IMO) and the marketing presented an easy to use elegant approach…so I purchased it. While version 3 promises to be a big step forward, working with v2 has been more frustrating than fun…you have to work the way ‘it’ works, unless perhaps you have a high level of coding skill and now how to get under the hood, that is if you can even find the hood! Norm, it’s developer is a wonderful guy, very serious about his work and very good at it too, it’s just that the vision for the app is driven to be a very specific kind of tool, and this makes it more deterministic then open and flexible, which of course shows up in the experience of using it. You have to learn to think they way it thinks!

In steps Pinegrow. The fundamental difference for me with Pinegrow is that it doesn’t control you, it is wide open, it is transparent, and it is a wonderful way to learn how to code…so I concur completely with Printninja, who has been an invaluable sherpa as I climb the learning curve, and there is a ton of learning tools to study. Additionally, with the supported Frameworks that come with Pinegrow, and others you can add, there is a ton of options to construct quickly, and learn how to modify as you dig deeper into each Framework, something Blocs in not about, as it is exclusively a Bootstrap app.

I would recommend the Pro Version (even though I’m not a pro, I purchased it) for the reasons Printninja mentioned, if this is going to be a professional tool for you, those extra features could prove invaluable.

Best of luck to you!

PS. Using Atom with Pinegrow is also a really good option!

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