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Half Price wannabe Competitor to PG - Blocks


here you go this finishes in a little under 12 hours.

$39 instead of $79.

It cant compete with quite a lot of PG stuff, but maybe an additional simple/quick tool for those that were pondering it.


and bizarely enough, Here’s a mighty deals coupon code for yet another 10% off again!

the code is WINNINGWP

if you dont want to check the link out :slight_smile:

and they are working on a different app that is designed ot work with OTHER Apps, such as Text editors (Pinegrow? _ although I thiink we have enough views in it, but might be interesting for some) etc,
to give a LIve dev output.

It is Called Solis,

It will be in Beta shortly and is mentioned here

and a video about it is here.

this is all a bit much for the deals channel, but interesting to know what else is going about for you to play with :slight_smile:
well as well as free things like Pingendo

which does Bootstrap 4

and mobirise

again, not a Patch on Pinegrow 4, but interesting to play with , if your bored eating Christmas cake!

A bit like @Pinegrow_User has asked about in #feature-request I think. here is


Well, Ive had a look…at the above.
I have to say, PineGrow still Kicks thier Ass at most stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

Still, its fun to try something new


Have you ever tried Mobirise?


hi @Printninja yes I did, a long time ago, it was a bit meh… so didnt bother much more with it.
I checked it out again , a month or two back and I was very much OH! this has improved, vastly If can see a place for it for happily kludging things together, quite quickly, and the output seemed quite good, but I cant remember exactly now. But, again, for doing proper stuff again, PG, Kicks A**.
Once you are familiar with the interface and have the relevant skill sets.

My memory plays up with the first one above, and the second one?.. well, lets not go there, after all this time.
I really do have plans… honest


I’m on PC, so I never tried Blocs, but I actually looked, and Pigendo is installed on my machine, so I clearly must have tried it once, and dismissed it. I’ve been through so many website “builders” looking for the “holy grail”, but once I finally bit the bullet and bought Pinegrow, I slowly realized that the “holy grail” would be to just learn HTML and CSS, and then use Pinegrow to do what it does best. I already had a decent handle on both when I started with Pinegrow, but I’ve never fully coded an entire website by hand. I’ve always used a builder of some kind. My most recent was a nice little program named Website Realizer, which I had to give up because it didn’t support responsive websites (it does now, but not in a manner I like.)

I actually tried Pinegrow back when it was at Version 2x and didn’t feel it was “finished” enough, but then I revisited it at version 4, and that’s when I took the plunge. I really LOVE this program now. It’s truly got everything a person could want with (IMO) two exceptions. I’d like to see a built in FTP of some kind, and more importantly, I DESPERATELY want multi-monitor support. I am used to working on three, 23" monitors, so having to do everything on one is really constraining. If they can’t do this, then I’d like to see a customizable ribbon-style interface at the top, that changes depending on what you’ve selected. There’s a program called WYSIWYG Web builder that has a very good implementation of a ribbon menu, and it only uses one screen, but it so much less crowded feeling (Other than that the program is not that good.) Disabling the warnings in Pinegrow would also be nice. I really don’t need those blocking the page.


mmm, interesting. I suppose the ribbon thing could be a way to go, as I suppose that the devs ALSO used a stack of monitors, so I’m pretty sure ti annoys the crap out of them too
So I guess its a technical issue as , lets be honest, if it was a piece of cake to achieve that , as a basic UI implementation, They would have done it, for THEMSELVES too! :slight_smile: since its not there, there is something in the way.
Maybe your ribbon idea could work.

…>I guess you have tried my workaround of Dragging the PineGrow window across multiple monitors have you? just stretch the window? less than ideal, but if you have a third monitor just hanging about , that could be doable :slight_smile:


I guess you have tried my workaround of Dragging the PineGrow window across multiple monitors have you? just stretch the window?

Kinda like this…

Multi-screen support

Pretty much so.
…you could even stretch it out over the other one two :stuck_out_tongue:

just lots of Alt+Tab to swap between apps :slight_smile:

Ps I have to do it all on one screen on a laptop.
Alt+Tab become your best friend


I can’t imagine having to do any kind of work on a laptop! Sometimes, I even feel I could use a 4th screen. I normally have Adobe Bridge open on my left monitor, which I use all day long. On the right monitor is Outlook, which is also used most of the day. Also on the left screen is Firefox or Chrome at any given time, and on the right is Skype. The center screen is either Illustrator or Photoshop, with menus covering the right screen, or Pinegrow as you see it in the pic. When I use Web Realizer, it’s just the center screen. Most of my “work” occurs on the center or right screen, and the left screen will be assistants, like perhaps video tutorials or written guides.

I guess we all get used to a certain kind of workflow. I used to have just a single 17" CRT 4:3 monitor for about ten years. But then I started getting spoiled by the low prices of the LED flat screens. I’d really like to get either three curved 27" inchers, or a fourth 23" flat screen. I’m sure if I ever got into video editing, I’d need to get another display.