Hi, anyone using / abusing this minimal Responsive CSS framework? -opinions, reviews?

here you go?


based on normalize.css apparently.
any opinions on this or nice sites made with it?

Tried it a while ago. As long as you work within the limitations of what is has in it then no problem, easy to use. But a lot of extra work needed if you want complex.

Just download it and have a go - best way to learn.

ah ok, thanks. do you remember what he limitations you hit were?
@itsmeleo got back to me and said that it was flexbox based and ok. so thats my feedback so far.
Great, cheers both. do you have any sites up you used it on?

It was a while ago so experiment is over and so is any real recollection of issues.

Have a play and make your own mind up.

cheers for that anyway :slight_smile: what did you end up using …nowadays . what is your main, pick and mix for frameworks, layouts etc @mandarin ? what do you recommend, .have fun with/ find interesting?