How do I clear "RECENT" classes?

How do I clear recently created classes to show under the RECENT tab. Many of these classes that are being shown to me were created as tests.

I am using plain html, with no wp, no bs, no tw, nothing.

Hi @NitinWasHere until now it was not possible.

The “Clear” recent classes feature will be out in the next release. Also, going forward, the recent class list is tied to the project, not global.

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Thanks for the response. Looking foward to the next release.

Just to be super clear, the recent-class-list will be tied to the project in the future release itself? Because, as of now, I am seeing recent classes of project-1 in project-2. I am on the latest version.

Yes. Every project will have it’s own recent list. The update 7.1 will be out tomorrow.