Clear unused projects in libraries panel

Hi there,

I’m new to PG, I’m in love with it already.

Quick question, how do I clear the unused projects showing up in the libraries & plugins manager panel? Thanks in advance!


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@Akayy - that is really odd. Next to the “+ Activate” links there should be “Unload” links. Do you have a page or project open? Try either opening or closing a project or page (opposite of screen shot). Alternatively, quit out of Pinegrow and restart.

Thanks @RobM, restart didn’t seem to fix it… I was literally going through all possible tutorials on the documentation site… so I had a lot of projects… I see unload in some, but you can see down at the bottom there are some that doesn’t have the unload link.

Not a critical bug, but would be good to clean this up some point in time… Cheers!

When I’ve had some anomalies in a project, I delete it from the project list on the PG startup screen and then re-import with “Open Project”

Also, under the “File” menu you can “Clear Cache”

Worth a try if you haven’t already.

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Thanks a bunch @SteveH. The issue seems to have vanished after few days, probably a cache thing as you mentioned :wink: