How to simulate TAB keyboard focus in PG

I want to simulate TABing thru a webpage using keyboard focus in the same way that the “Test Click” toggle allows you to simulate mouse clicks.

i’ve tried all the variations of the TAB key (alt, ctrl, ect) and they either do the same thing as the TAB key (hides the PG menus), or it does some wild shit in my Win7 OS.

am i missing something obvious?

good news / bad news / good news:

good news is a work around exists, if you PIN each of your open panels within the main window using the <<0>> thingies, then you can tab thru your tab-able elements on the page just using the TAB key… because it’s ignoring the closing of those panels.

bad news is you can’t just tab into the body of our page like you can in a real browser, PG only toggles the big giant <<0>> thingy in the top menu bar.

good news again tho is if you happen to have input & label form elements on your page, and the label is visible, you can click on that and tab forward or backward (shift-tab) from there – and here’s the really strange part – all the way back out to the PG interface where you can’t go back into your again :scream:

so that’s where it stands unless someone who knows more about these things than i, can explain wtf is going on here.