How do you add meta descriptions, keywords, etc in latest Pinegrow? (Besides directly editing head) (SOLVED?)

Hi, I noticed there was a feature to do this in a (much) earlier version of Pinegrow, but I can’t seem to find anything in the current build.

I know I can just edit the head code directly (which is fine), but I’m surprised there seems to be no properties window based method to add things like meta descriptions, keywords, etc.

Was that removed, or is it present somewhere that I didn’t notice?

…and, of course, I found it almost immediately after posting this. Sort of…

I found the Meta Description/Keyword elements you can drag in. I suppose I was looking more for a properties page where you fill in the fields, but it’s kind of pointless, really… since typing it in the code window is just as much effort.

Nevermind. I’m good!