Meta and Title tags not showing on <head>

Hi guys, new here, im doing a simple project with a single page (index.html) but i cant seem to add meta tags to the head (description, keywords), same thing with the title tag, i add them on my Tree but once i export the project they dont show up live.

I’ve checked documentation but the only thing even close to answer this was the “master pages”, which refer to a “define editable area” action that doesnt even appear on my Actions list.
Regardless i bet i dont need this info since its a single page, but even so its not working, any of you guys have an idea what am i doing wrong here?


Hi, you mentioned exporting the project, so I’m assuming you’re using WP? If so, you can’t use PG for meta data because that is controlled by WP. You’ll need to use a plugin to update that info.

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Hi Jon, yes i am using the plugin of WP.
So all meta data is done this way? Description, Title, Keywords, etc…?
I tried searching their Documentation but i could never find anything about this except when refering to “Master Pages” which had actions that i cant even find on my end.

Thanks for the info!

Correct, you can use a plugin like Yoast SEO or RankMath to alter all the metadata.

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That’s such a pity tho, one of the reasons i liked Pinegrow in the first place is that i could just remove it at the end of the project and one less plugin weighting the website down, now it will force me to use a SEO plugin just to add a couple of metas to pages (my sites are usually only 5-pages long) haha

That’s more of a WP failing than anything else since WordPress doesn’t natively give us any tools to manipulate the Meta Title, Meta Description, OG Tags, etc. It’s frustrating and a bit appalling that, in 2023, WP would rather leave this core functionality to plugins rather than build in at least the basics for theme developers to use.