How to edit or add titles and meta data to head


I went to add meta data and change my title in the head section and could not discover how to edit them.

How do I do this?

Thanks @Richard

I don’t think you need a UI to enter these - you could view / edit code in PineGrow and add the meta data directly like you would do in any other web editor.

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Hi @Richard,
Is this in a Master page?
The answer for a non-Master page - Select the very top of the DOM tree in the Tree panel. Open the Properties panel. This will provide fields for the typical meta values. For additional meta values you need to add them like you would any other element. Either drag them from the Library panel, add them to the code box of the Library panel, click on the line between elements where you want to add the new one in the Tree and type in the Insert Code box, or open whole page code editing by clicking the </> icon at the top, click the Head element in the tree and edit away.

For a Master page, I recommend following this tutorial. Make page information meta elements editable in Master pages | Pinegrow Web Editor

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