Hi guys,

new to Pinegrow - new to this board, so a quick hello to all of you from my side. I’m Thomas from Germany and was (am still) a user of a WYSIWYG editor, whose developer recently retired. So once this nice running app won’t be installable anymore. Therefor I was on the search for something bringing me further allowing me to maintain older projects once my app will break.

So far so good - I purchased Pinegrow and am happy with it. I am aware that Pinegrow isn’t intended being a full-featured bells and whistle no-brainer application. So apologize, when I’m thinking about things that might not be part of the plan.


What I’d love to see is in the Prop-Panel (Plain HTML) an opportunity to add data-attributes directly (a field such as styles or better) and perhaps HTML-comments (field before and/or after), without solving this via the source-code.

Another thing is, that in the css panel -> Background most properties are “empty” which could be solved via drop-down as well, such as size (cover, … ). Or is there something I missed so far?

Thanks for your patience and attention.



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Hi Thomas, and thanks for your suggestions.

Better PROP panel is on the to-do list for PG 3.0, as well as redesigned CSS editor.

All the best, Matjaz

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