How does PG interface with live websites?

Just got new hosting with Cloudways. I would like to start a new project with PG and I would like to interface with a staging site that I can set up with Cloudways. That means that my theme folders will be on the CW server. How can I set up the Theme Folder on the Cloudways server so I can utilize the staging feature instead of a local server?

Just mirror the local project folder with the external site folder structure then in the HTML of your local testing version you reference the external website address for the CSS and Javascript, images etc…

Personally I isolate my testing environment located projects, websites and do all the development and testing offline, locally. Then I create a staging version also locally and change the relevant links to CSS and other support files if necessary then upload via Filezilla to the hosting account.

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I am going to develop it locally with Local By Flywheel. Cloudways has a staging URL I can use to test before I move to the final URL. Haven’t tried it yet.