How does Pinegrow manage to show their logo in a email account

Hi @matjaz,

How did you manage to show the Pinegrow logo in my email client?

Did you use:
BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification)

Or something else?

I’m looking for a solution!

Regards & Thanks,


Hi David @AllMediaLab ,

I have no idea, didn’t know that it shows up :slight_smile: We use Drip for sending emails. Perhaps they insert something in the header?

Can you post a screenshot? Interested in seeing it.

All the best, Matjaz

Hi @matjaz,

Unfortunately it’s not just a matter of putting a logo in the header of the mail:

Your normal mails don’t show the logo, only the official announcement mails from Pinegrow.

It even needs tuning and placing a svg logo on the server:

To set up BIMI, host a SVG file at a publicly accessible HTTPS URL, then add a BIMI assertion TXT record to your domain’s DNS, like this one: TXT "v=BIMI1; l="

If the referenced SVG file is in a GZIP-compressed form (SVGZ file), the extension “svgz” is utilized.

This is a screenhot from my phone with the Blue Mail email client open: