Pinegrow Purchase

Hello i hope everyone is ok during these troubling times, i have been trying to purchase Pinegrow from the Official Pinegrow Website since Friday, everytime i attempt the purchase i get a prompt back saying that the purchase has been refused by my bank ( yes there are cleared funds to cover cost ) and to contact y Bank which i have, The bank informed me that no money had been taken for this purchase and that i should contact Pinegrow direct. I have sent 2 emails to Pinegrow to which i have not had a reply as yet, very frustrating as it is a great bit of software and i need it to get going with some work. The reason for this long post is to see if anyone else has had this issue with Pinegrow or if anyone can help me with this issue.
Many Thanks

Hello @rjscratch ,

Sorry for the inconvenience but the answer from the support to your first support request was sent less than 30 minutes after your message was received. It seems you never got it.
A few minutes ago, I tried to send you a copy of the answer from my personal email.

Hint: Maybe you should whitelist emails sent from domain in your mail client?

Hello Emmanuel,

Thank you for your reply i have still not had any emails apart from this one, i tried AGAIN this morning to purchase Pinegrow and still NO JOY. As a potential new customer this issue is not making me feel very confident in your Company. The software looks and works great BUT it’s now Sunday i’ve been trying since Friday 10.30am to buy your Product, looks like i would be better off buying from one of your competitors. SHOCKING CUSTOMER SERVICES.

Hello Emmanuel,

I just checked my email’s and the only email from you guys was the activation key for the TRIAL version.

Can someone from your Company PLEASE contact me via my email to help with this issue PLEASE.


RJ, I’m from the company and this is exactly what I did a few minutes ago, but from your answer, the attempt was again unsuccessful.

We send thousands of emails every week, and it can sometimes happen in the batch that some addresses, some mail servers refuse our mailings for multiple reasons. (considered as SPAM or other). We are sorry for this and when it is possible, we do what is necessary and we also invite our customers to add - at least - our support email in their whitelist.

I send you the answer in your forum inbox in a few minutes.

Note: All our answers were sent to your email which was your sender address. (so I tried again with your gmail one … just in case)