How to create/style wordpress pages in Pinegrow?

@DevTomi Exactly!

The only thing I would add is that you don’t always need to build the theme first. If your existing theme gives you the general page layouts you want, you can just go straight to creating blocks and adding your content. Creating themes can be a complicated task, especially for people who have never done it before. Even though Pinegrow takes the coding out of the picture, you still need to understand the concepts of creating a theme.

See this video below for a more thorough explanation…


Maybe one more thing to make your workflow easier.

What i normally do for predefined pages is using a wrapper block which is basically just an empty div. I call that blog “about-us (to stay in your example)”. Assign it the “inner-Block” attribute and there on the template area place all the blocks you want to use in the right order, you could nest that multiple levels with a workaround (define another inner block on the nested block with a template section and so on).

So you kind of still have the flexibility of creating blocks (one of those blocks could still appear in the contact page or any other page) but when it comes to inserting it you only have to add the about us block and your predefined structure will appear.

That makes life a bit easier, i also tend to create a mockup first in HTML/CSS/JS only and then going through that mockup and find similarities and thinking about my block structure.

Hope you get what I mean :wink:

I was thinking about the same exact approach today :slight_smile:

@adamslowe @Emmanuel Gentlemans, one more question.

I don’t allow my clients to change text, images, etc…therefore the idea of making gutenberg blocks is kinda pointless for my goals.

There goes a lot of thinking and twinkering beefore the site is designed. I take every aspect very seriously, therefore I don’t allow my clients to change it and they all agree with it.

Therefore my question is:

Would it be very bad if I decide to “hard code” the content into the theme?

For example, let’s say I want to create “About me” page.

Is it okay if I create a new page in Pinegrow, named “page-about-me.html” ( that would be automatically converted to “page-about-me.php” ) and put all of the content right into that “template”?

I knwo it is working. I know it is sort of against “wordpress codex”, because templates are used to organize content. However, I really don’t plan to change the content of those pages.

It’s your site, you do what you want with the content of your templates.
As I said before, there is nothing to stop you from using static content.

Does it have to be only static?

I can also pull dynamic content in it right?

Yes, you can mix static AND dynamic.

Note: I feel like we’re going in circles, no? :thinking:

No :slight_smile: I finally get it all. Thank you