Create Static Site in Wordpress

I am currently working my way into the wordpress plugin. I have previously worked with Bricks and Oxygen. I’m just testing the design with the plugin and now I have the question, if I create a static page (as usual from Bricks and Co) with the plugin and save it in the project, how can I call it from the frontend?

I’ll preface this by saying that the thing you are trying to do isn’t really what Pinegrow was meant for. Pinegrow is not a pagebuilder, even though it sometimes looks like it could be one. Instead, Pinegrow is a visual HTML and CSS editor that can build WordPress blocks and themes.

Now, to answer your question…

If you’ve made a page that you want to show on your WordPress front end, you have two options. If you are creating a theme, just save the page as page-$slug.php. The WP Hierarchy is your friend here and can guide you on the template names for anything you want to show on the front end.

If you are using a different theme, then your best bet is to create one or more blocks in Pinegrow and insert them into the WP Block Editor. You don’t even have to create any actions if you want to control all the content from within Pinegrow… just make the block and add it.

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Thank you very much. The change or the work with Pinegrow brings my previous Gedankensturktur to the construction of the pages with Pagebuilder in rotation :slight_smile:

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