How to find image location information

It has been years since I made my website( (using Dreamweaver) and I’m older and not that comfortable with many terms, and am new to PineGrow, which seems flexible and well designed at a professional level, but sooo many options for a do it yourselfer. So far I downloaded my index page from the web into Pinegrow and started to clumsily change some text to Caps in a friendlier font(Mulish).

1st question) Will that font work on all major formats(linux, Mac, MS) and what is difference between face and font in the code? Should I change the face code text?

My current site uses absolute position and I don’t know if I can change that, or want to, for flexibility? One of my images ( out of 6 on index) had improper code and is now missing after removing the faultycode. I want to adjust the position of some things and enter a new image to where the old one is missing.
SO MAIN QUESTION: how do I find the position info? OOPS! I see that it is the <>menu item that shows all code including position.
… OK How do I enter a new image and position it visually?


It could be that you have not properly set up your whole project in PG. This is honestly the hardest part for someone new to PG. You may consider asking someone in the gigs forum to set the project up for you. I think you’ll find it much easier to use once the project (website files) are properly setup.

Here is how to add an image: The Tree Panel | Pinegrow Web Editor

I think you are right that I did not set up the project properly. I dowloaded my index page from the web to see what I could do to improve it in small ways I had in mind as a starting point. The whole thing was like trying to relearn a language you haven’t been speaking for quite a while and were never that good at. I watched tutorials but they are geared to web heads and too much, too fast. Mostly I was redoing code to change fonts and text sizes and just wanted to leave the images alone, but found that mistakes in text boxes led to images moving around (probably the downside of absolute positioning). I fixed all but one image , and all the text. I then found the links were active and bringing up other pages and when I went to close the second linked page in which that happened I did it wrong and closed the whole page unsaved.
I’m never going to be a master of html and less of CSS( I mostly just use the code that works to adjust the less optimal code and change sizes, location, font, color. But if I could get enough of an understanding to get my one serious website improved to my liking I would be a happy website camper.
Hey , thanks for the feedback. Is there a tutorial on setting up a project using an existing site?

Yeah, I’d like to know that one too. Be nice to have a few more “beginner” tutorials.

I can move stuff around on a page, understand that part, but I’d like some help in basic set up of an entire project. That’s where I sort of get lost. Front end stuff. Do’s and don’ts. Simple stuff. (Was a long time ago, but it seems this set-up part was easier for me in Dreamweaver.) I’m more designer, than coder, but understand enough code to comprehend what Pinegrow is doing. But it’s the overall picture I have trouble with. Maybe I just need some tutorials on basic web-design principles, outside of Pinegrow. Any recs?