Does Pinecone do absolute positioning?

4 days left on my 7 day triaI. figured out a few things and edited my index page into fairly good shape, and then crashed it twice, once by closing another page it brought up (which closed the index page too) , and once because I thought I had properly saved it but had only saved the html.
Now it looks from using the check html errors functions though Pinecone does not like absolute positioning using divs which is most of my web pages, which do work on the actual internet. ( dreamweaver made but my dreamweaver app requires a yearly subscription now ) . That and nobody tried to answer my first question. This may be too professional a product for me. I just wanted to make some adjustments to my website and be able to do new pages. 2 days of round the clock work and nothing to show but some learning.

Hi @glassbrook,

I don’t get any errors when absolutely positioning. What is your CSS and HTML structure? It may be that you’re not using absolute positioning in the correct way.

How strong is your CSS and HTML skill/experience? I don’t think PG is “too professional” of a product, but it goes a long way to have a really good understanding of CSS and HTML structure when using PG.

I have always had issues with PG getting buggy during the day. On average, I have to restart PG 1-3 times a day (not ideal, but a 30-second process, so not a big deal for me), but I’ve never had any issues with saving. When I hit save, both the HTML and CSS get saved at the same time. I wonder if you have the project folder set up correctly?

There is a pretty big learning curve for PG, but for me, it was well worth the effort.

I have been trying to change some things on an existing website I made with go live then dreamweaver and also to clean up any faulty html. The problem is when I use Page/Check for HTML errors. The first time I worked with this I did a few things and then was getting a no error message. then I crashed it.This time it is highlighting most of the site elements which are basically all div style absolute position boxes. If it is truly faulty code, why does the site work?

If I could do a layout that resulted in the same look that I have but was just maybe ( I barely know what I’m talking about here) boxes arranged in a css grid and then adjust some of those containers according to the existing sizes of stained glass window images and chunks of text I have, I would consider rebuilding the many pages in my site, but the truth is that the site works on most devices and browsers so why put in that much work if I can just clean up the pages I have and (add more internal links) and add some new ones. I will never be professional web person. My site is index maybe that could explain some things
I felt like I was getting the hang of Pine Grow but it is easy to mess up and it doesn’t like how I’ve done things .

It’s P I N E G R O W

I started like yourself. Learned on GoLive, graduated to Dreamweaver, then gave up on Dreamweaver when Adobe went to subscription model. Pinegrow is the best replacement. Powerful. But you’ll need to give it some time. Big, fat learning curve. It helps to know html and css, and what they each do. Pinegrow can help in learning those. But it takes some time. Two days, you’re just getting started. Give it more time. It will come.

I like your site. Beautiful images. Beautiful work.

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