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How to find the component definition of a component instance?


How to find original components definitions? I am using the starter-theme, but now I see instances of components like master.header and don’t know how/where to detect/edit the definitions.
Thanks in advance.


ok for the record: I found these components coming from Bootstrap 3 and thus should not be edited.


Can you possibly post a picture of what it is you’re working with? I cannot seem to find a component named master.header in the list of Bootstrap 3 components.


Not in the list indeed, but it is a component ID, when you generate an index page from Starter theme 1.2 .
I am still in doubt actually where that is coming from and how to control it.


Ahh… this is with the Wordpress builder. Unfortunately, I do not have any experience with the Wordpress version of Pinegrow. I have the ordinary Pro version. Perhaps someone else can jump in here???


Have you tried your traditional IDE to search through all the files? I’m not sure I would edit it directly when you find it because PG will probably just overwrite it, but perhaps after you view it you can understand it’s code better and then write code to modify the component further down in the cascade.


It turned out to be an error because when I started the project I didn’t save the first file before assigning a project folder. So the component definition wasn’t there and files were missed. See