How to preserve local <title> in child pages?

My master.html has the following <title> in the <head></head>

<title data-pgc-edit="page_title">Master_page_title</title>

A child page has the following <title> (just as an example) –

<title data-pgc-edit="page_title">Child_page_title</title>

When I apply “\Components\Quick update” to the child page, its <title> reverts to that of the master – i.e., Child_page_title is replaced by Master_page_title. I need a way to preserve Child_page_title (or similar) on existing child pages when “\Components\Quick update” is applied while still allowing Child_page_title to be editable.

I tried this tutorial (Master Pages | Pinegrow Web Editor - “Making page title and meta fields editable”) but I must be missing something.

Pinegrow 6.4, Windows 10

Don C.

Hi @dculp,
The problem is that the attributes in the master and child pages are different. In the child page you want the attribute, data-pgc-field="page_title" not -edit. The easiest way to see this is to make a new child page and look at the code for what the attribute should be.