How to sync wysiwyg editor window to code window?

If I scroll in the wysiwyg editor window and click on a new location, the code window syncs to that location. However, if I scroll in the code window and click on a new location, the wysiwyg editor window doesn’t sync – it just remains at its previous display.

Is there a way to do this? If not, may I suggest shift+click (or something similar) in the code window in order to sync the wysiwyg editor window.

Pinegrow 7.2, Windows 10

Don C.

I believe you are referring to the pop-up code editor? That can be opened by pressing “C” on the keyboard. When you move to a new position you have to press C again to get the editor to open the new element. If you are referring to another pop-up window you may be able to find a shortcut key for that too. -Best

jonroc –

I’m referring to the code editor that is invoked by clicking the </> icon on the menu bar or by Ctrl+E. In my setup this opens the code editor in a tile just below the wysiwyg editor. (When I refer to a “new location” I mean a new text location within the editor.)

In any case I have mainly solved this by editing the code in Visual Studio Code and syncing to Pinegrow (see Pinegrow Live Sync thread VS Code - can't get Pinegrow Live Sync extension to work). In VS Code I right click on the desired code, then “Pinegrow: Select element”. Pinegrow’s wysiwyg editor then moves to the same location. However, Pinegrow’s cursor won’t be positioned exactly the same as in VS Code.

I’m not familiar with the pop-up code editor. From where in Pinegrow do you press “C” without Pinegrow interpreting this as the letter “C” (i.e., as text input)?

Oh, I see. I’m glad you’re able to get VScode working. I have issues with it working consistently but have requested many times for better integrations. -Best