Cannot get cursor-position in Editor and Viewer synced?

Hi Overthere,
hopping over from Dreamweaver CS6 because of a rave review from a DW user on Pinegrows website.

Actually I think I don’t get it or I’m missing sth.

Cursor Sync
For one thing I’m unable to click somewhere in the visual composer and the cursor in the html-editor is positioned on the same spot. Same goes in the other direction.

It drives me crazy 'cause it seems such a clear UI behavior :frowning:

Anybody can help me with that?

Another thing is, how to re-structure html. This it meant in regards of beautifiying the code, but also to auto-delete unused code like mulitple nested <p>, <font>, strong etc.

Anybody got further how-tos or tips for transitioning from DW?

Thx a lot in advance! :handshake:

Hey @Ralf,
I’m not sure if there is a slight translation problem with the cursor sync question - It is true that the cursor is not synched between the Code Panel, Code Editor, and Page View. Changes in any of these panes will reflect in the other panels.
Not sure about restructuring your HTML - The Tree panel located to the right side of the default workspace shows the whole DOM tree as well as nested elements. You can move items, un-nest, nest, and delete from that panel to neaten up. Not sure why you would have unused code that needs deleting.
Hope this helps,

@RobM Thx for your input and true, when editing in one of the panels the changes are transfered. But as your guessed right that’s not what this is about. I’d like to switch between the three panels via mouse or keyboard and can work exactly at the same spot I left the other panel. And I forgot to mention, when highlighting any element in any panel this should be reflected in the other two too.

Thanks for the hint to the code cleanup feature which is the basic version of what I’m looking for. What I’d prefer is a function that does most of these things automatically. To give it some context I’m confronted with a newsletter-template someone used for years in their visual mail composer and their people have added font, over font over font into this template in their attempt to change… you guess it… fonts :slight_smile: