How to use the Bootstrap 4.4 Popover Container function

Bootstrap 4.4 Popover function: There is nothing explained in the instruction manual how I can use the Container option.

This is what I’m trying:
<!a href="#" data-trigger=“click” data-placement=“top” data-container=“my infocontent”>MyLink:<!/a>
<!div id=“myinfocontent” style=“display: none”>
This is my info content which I like to show. I don’t use the Content input line because I like to show a bit more here.

Of course, I use also the automatic generated Script snippet.

See this information:

Bootstrap Documentation

Pinegrow Documentation (see section Popover)

Thank you very much. That’s what I’m looking for.

So, a couple of quick thoughts.

  1. I’m assuming that the malformed code - the “!” included are the result of pasting to the forum.
  2. You never let BS know that it is a popover. You need to include the “data-toggle” attribute and set it equal to “popover”.
  3. I’m not sure if you have enabled popovers on the page. They are not automatically initialized. Either turn them on for the whole page, or just the particular element. If you are using jQuery to do this, make sure the script is AFTER you load jQuery.
  4. The “data-container” attribute is to indicate where you want the popover to appear, not what data you want to display.
  5. The “data-content” attribute indicates what data to display. If you want more room to add text, you can return the HTML from a function.

Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, it is not possible to paste HTML code here because it will be executed and not only be shown. I cannot post the final code. Now everything is working very well.