Hyperview integration possibility?

Now that Vue designer is released and the time tables of the development team may have (hopefully) cleared up a little, is there an increased possibility to perhaps look over this (backend) app library and perhaps integrate it with Pinegrow? (pretty please, with sugar on top)

Hyperview · Native mobile apps, as easy as creating a web site

Ps: I realize the chance is slim but I figured it doesn’t hurt to ask.

@Roel unfortunately, not many requests for this integration. We have to be very selective with allocating our resources.

I understand that, though I was more thinking along the lines of, if Pinegrow would ever consider supporting a mobile app builder/framework, that this could be a good/ideal option (mainly because it could play nice with the WordPress builder since Hyperview is a backend app implementation).

Off course, if you’d ever choose to go the route of supporting Nativescript in Vue designer or something along those lines, that would be splendid too! (Though perhaps slightly less relevant for my specific needs but awesome none the less). Vue Tutorial | NativeScript

Hi @Roel,

Nativescript Vue doesn’t use Vite, so we don’t have it under our radar for Vue Designer. That said, we will keep an eye out to see if that changes in the future.

You can already develop mobile apps with Vue Designer. Ionic, Framework7 component libraries can can be used for the same. We will also support Quasar soon. We will gradually cover all flavour of apps that are possible in Vue Designer via tutorials.

Sure, I get that, however neither quasar nor ionic or framework 7 is Native. They’re hybrid apps (basically a web app in a mobile app “wrapper”) as opposed to Nativescript and Hyperview who both produce a fully native app (which is more the thing that I’m looking for) and it would be great if they had a decent visual implementation which currently neither of them do.

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Thanks @Roel :+1:t4: That is very true.

Meanwhile, Im just leaving these two ionic article for a good read for anyone seeing this thread and want to understand native vs hybrid mobile apps.

Of course, these are opinionated articles.