Problem with Bootstrap columns

Hi. My english is very limited, sorry.

Playing around with Bootstrap’s column handlers (image attached), Pinegrow fails to display the changes made. Not always, but quite often. This happens to me with version 7.

Hi, I can confirm that ever since the “preview” feature has been added there are sporadic times when the previews shows but then when you set/select the value PG does not update the view. This bug can be worked around by reloading the PG page after it fails to update from the selection in the UI. I have not noticed it specific to any UI element… it appears to happen to all of them from time to time.

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Even after reloading the page and correcting the error in a specific column, it has reoccurred without touching that specific column while working on other.

@Josan @jonroc
Thank you for this feedback.
The team is now updated and will work on replicating, analyzing and solving this issue.

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@Josan @jonroc thanks! I just did some bug hunting and improvements there. The class previews should work better. Will be out in the next plugin and desktop release.

EDIT: You can try it on the PG WP Plugin 1.0.3, just released now.

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It seems that version 7.04 has fixed this problem. Thank you.

But I keep getting wrong behaviors with version 7. When adding audio the behavior is very strange: the page jumps to the beginning of it and I don’t see the audio…

This sounds right :wink: Please provide more details about the issue.

I smell colors…

It has always been like this? I seem to remember that in previous versions the process was more intuitive: when inserting the audio, couldn’t you immediately see where it was placed?

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