I'd like Snapshots to make it easier to edit the style.css file associated with an existing WP theme

For me, Pinegrow is a fabulous visual designer/styler in terms of HTML and CSS and I’d love to be able to use it more easily with existing WordPress themes. I’m imagining that Snapshots could help.

I specifically want an easy way to directly edit the theme’s style.css file in conjunction with an HTML snapshot. Right now, Snapshots creates two, initially identical, html files so that it’s easy to later do a diff to see where the changes are. Why not also create two, initially identical, style.css files (copied from the theme’s style.css) with one that could be the default stylesheet in PG Editor (set in options?). The backup provides rollback protection and the edited one could later be copied directly into the actually theme.

The current approach with the custom.css file is flexible but will require a lot of copying and pasting – not nearly as easy and quick when you are making tweaks to existing css.

However it’s done, it would be great if it was possible to easily edit – in PG Editor – the existing style.css file associated with an existing WP theme. It feels like Snapshots could help with this.

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I’d love to all project assets, CSS and JS, downloadable into the Snapshots project folders. It would make life a bit easier.

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