I'm new to the world of pines

Hi.I am new here. I watch a lot of pinegrow tutorials and I like pinegrow more and more. So far I’ve been using webflow and I’ve been missing code access there. I know that Pinegrow focuses on wordpress and I will definitely use these functions, although the cms control in webflow is very intuitive.

Does pinegrow allow you to customize the woocommerce cart and checkout page? If not, do you recommend any specific plugins for this purpose or do you do it manually?

Welcome @Szymcio. Good to have you here.

Have you seen this YouTube series?

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Yes. I watched all the movies. But I didn’t notice the customization of the cart and checkout page. That’s why I’m asking.

Thanks @Szymcio :slight_smile: Customization of the Cart and checkout pages is not supported yet. We have it on the to-do list, but no ETA yet. How common is the need to customize the cart and checkout?

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If woocommerce is a new thing for you I would take some time to look at the alternatives such as surecart. Woocommerce comes with some unique headaches from it’s long life and being the market leader (in the wordpress space).

I think customizing the cart and checkout is part of designing a unique template / look for an online shop. And that’s the sense of PG Woocommerce.


Thanks for the suggestions. If I find some time I will review this product. The question is whether customizing the graphic design is as convenient as what pinegrow offers?

I’m a beginner in this field, but it seems that the default look of woocommerce is outdated and far from current trends. I’ve used webflow before and the ability to work with checkout and cart page elements was so intuitive and easy that it was a pleasure to work with.

But thank you very much for your answer. Your interest in problems like mine has made me a big fan of your project

Hi @Szymcio

I can definitely recommend this course: WooCommerce Online Courses - Business Bloomer

Learned a lot from that for customizing WooCommerce sites.


I think we need this to create a streamlined ecommerce experience for modern shops.


I agree that Woo has not kept up with other online shops like Shopify when it comes to the checkout process and general design. While it’s possible to customize Woo’s styling, it’s very difficult change element layouts because they have built a lot of their elements as one element without the native ability to break up the elements easily.

I wish Woo was easier to customize. As it stands now you really have to know the ins and outs to get any customization done and even then it’s hard to keep up with the more modern shopping card flows and designs.

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