Customizing WooCommerce template parts: How far can I go with Pinegrow?


I am about to start a new project where I will need to customize several default WooCommerce parts such as cart, checkout, and account pages. I am looking to add custom content and tabs, as well as modify the layout and content of the order table and its details page.

Can the current tools available on WP/Shop Builder add-ons help me with these tasks? Or should I go in a different direction using plugins and/or custom code?

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Shopping cart, minicart, checkout, and user account section pages-you’ll have to do everything manually.

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This is the response I feared… but thank you for clarifying. I will think more about how to proceed.

However, that does not mean you cannot use Pinegrow to build them.
For more elaborate changes you will have to edit php templates manually with vscode or something else, but if it’s to change the css style you can also do it directly from Pinegrow.

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I would recommend you to proceed.

The cart and checkout blocks are new and I dont think any page builder can Edit them. And depending on what payment provider you have they might come with their own checkout. The cart block and mini cart block is very good out of the box.

(alot of things are getting better out of the box with new Woo blocks, the my account page is yet to get revamped)

The my account page can easily be styled with pinegrow and use some plugin to add functions and custom tabs.

If you use freestyle mode in pinegrow make sure atleast cart button is hooked in with woocommerce actions to ensure compatibility with tracking and 3rd party plugins.

I would mix freestyle with hooks.

They have a starter shop template or website you can download for help, and about 50 Youtube videos covering woocommerce in pinegrow.


Thank you! I’m a bit worried about using freestyle because it might not work well with other plugins down the road, but you’re right… it’s the way to go.