Update on the remaining Woo features?

On the WooCommerce features page here, it says this:

All features described so far are already available. In the next few months we will implement customizing the:

  • Grouped products
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Expand the component and template library

Last updated on April 3, 2022 at 9:57 pm

Those are utterly essential of course, especially granular customisation of the cart and checkout.

It’s been almost a year - how are things coming on? I’ve browsed the changelog and not found much info about Woo stuff.


I wouldnt continue that roadmap any further seeing where woocommerce is heading with blocks.

I am also not really satisfied with the “integration” as it is currently either.

My recommendedation would be to not use PG, for any woo project unless you are going to use the “hooks” method. In which case Pinegrow purpose cease to exist.

I used it now for a project but reverted and did it 50/50, default wp functions and PG.

Btw, the critique i have is not specific to PG when it comes to Woo integration. So far Evert builder i encounter sucks for Woo. Probably because how Woo differs from WP.

@Bryn First of all, thank you for your feedback regarding our add-on for creating e-commerce with WooCommerce.

Since the introduction of this feature and the availability of an exhaustive tutorial that covers not only the use of Pinegrow with WooCommerce but also tons of tips for creating WordPress themes in general, it must be said, feedback and comments have been a bit lacking, a situation a bit disappointing given the initial demand of so many users, the enormous work involved in integrating this extremely specific functionality and our hopes on this extension.

Of course we plan to integrate the missing items that have been announced, @matjaz will tell us more soon.

@madjedo For the rest, the features related to WooCommerce are currently usable in blocks, I do not currently see any concern on this topic ?

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Those are fair points. But given the decent demand to create ‘custom’ Woo sites (visually), it could also be a case of people losing interest unless they can see how comprehensive the Woo addon is. Breakdance, Oxygen, Bricks, Elementor etc. market themselves pretty well as catering to every nook and cranny of WooCommerce (which is obviously more than a little misleading, but hey, good marketing). Also, from my experience in the LTD market, people absolutely hate so-called ‘lifetime’ deals that only receive updates for a single year or version number. I really think Pinegrow should chop that off the pricing page completely. Not receiving updates with an expired license is how annual licenses usually work anyway.

You might find that loads of people get super excited initially when reading up on your Woo addon, but zone out once they see that it doesn’t cover all the essential areas of a Woo store. I certainly did. I left the Woo addon unchecked when purchasing Pinegrow purely because it sounded like it wasn’t worth checking out until the documentation confirmed that the addon was in a completed state.

I’m not sure I understand this point. What lifetime deal are you talking about?

For the rest, indeed, it is difficult to tax us to practice an aggressive or suffocating marketing :slight_smile:

Yes, some actions are missing, but the fact remains (in my humble opinion which does not engage my company) that the vast majority of WooCommerce capabilities needed to make nice online stores are covered, and that for those that are currently missing, with regard to Pinegrow’s interoperability, any clever developer still has the ability to customize standard WooCommerce templates through css/hooks etc … without jeopardizing the rest of the features that we cover with the smart actions.

Just head to the pricing page. The ‘one time’ options have a year of updates. Which is not the conventional idea of a lifetime deal (which would include lifetime updates). I’m not usually a supporter of the LTD business model, I’m just saying in its current state, I think Pinegrow would benefit from removing that payment option.

So we are talking about Pinegrow and not the add-ons.
This is simply because it is definitely not a LIFETIME license (this term is never mentioned) but a license for which, if you wish, you can limit yourself to one year of use, with all the updates (and we produce a lot of them every year, minor AND major, without any notion of minor or major version changes etc . …) and then stick to the latest version available at the end of your year, and continue using it “forever”.

Note: and if you need some new features, or fixes, you can of course also decide to buy an extra year of updates (for 50% of the initial price). Even better, with a one time payment plan, during our promotional periods, you can even take advantage of renewal rates with incredible discounts (sometimes 50% OFF) and stack as many renewal years as you want at the best price!

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Ah, I see. If I found the term a tad confusing, it’s possible many others did too. I still think it’s worth removing from the pricing options.

I mean, just allow customers to choose whether to start a recurring payment subscription or to just pay once-off during checkout. Surely it should make no difference when they cancel an annual sub or pay once-off? I have expired subscriptions that allow me to download the last version that existed during my subscription period. Just makes life simpler than 3 categories of prices imo.

People have different needs – some use Pinegrow daily, and some want to use it for a single project. Some prefer to own their software licenses and some don’t want to think about version numbers and just want their tools to always be up to date.

So, at a time when more and more software companies are moving exclusively to a subscription model, we said: “Hey, why not just offer both and let users choose what’s best for them?”

So for our flagship desktop application, Pinegrow Web Editor (available for Pc Windows, macOS and Linux), we offer 2 types of plans, subscriptions (annual subscription and monthly subscription that can be contracted for one month or more) and one time payment.

Each one-time license purchase gives you a license to use the current version of the program forever and includes one full year of free updates to your edition of Pinegrow.

After the one year of free updates expires you may wish to renew your license - for just half the price of a new license - to obtain an additional year of free updates. If not, you can just keep using your current version.

With subscriptions, you always have access to the latest version of Pinegrow, but you won’t be able to continue using Pinegrow after your subscription ends.

We are proud of this diversity of choice and if there is a hint of confusion about the content of an offer, simply because of its name, we will try in the future to make the details better understood :slight_smile:

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I use the Woo Aden for Pinegrow nearly every day and I absolutely love it! I can create custom shops with it in an easy way. And the documentation is awesome. I would be very happy when the Addon will be extended in the future and I have no problem paying the license every year.

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Thanks for this feedback @Riccarcharias :slight_smile:

If possible, don’t hesitate to show us some examples of WooCommerce integration, it would be a pleasure for the whole team and would surely be a great inspiration for many Pinegrow users here :evergreen_tree:

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These shops are all made for customers, so I can’t show them here…sorry :frowning: But I can tell you, that you can be very creative with Woocommerce for Pinegrow and it’s easy to create a working unique shop.

Hey @Emmanuel

Any update on WooCommerce yet? The documentation and in-depth tutorial still mention features coming ‘soon’, for example the mini cart and items in the OP up top, but I don’t see any mention of WooCommerce in the changelog this year.

Is this currently planned as a 2023 release?

Hi Riccarcharias,

Do you create grouped products for your Woo shops?

Hey, no I haven’t used grouped products so far. Does WooCommerce with a Pinegrow-Theme work with them correctly?

No, I haven’t got them to work correctly. I’ve not seen any guides for a workaround neither.

Pinegrow have stated that group products are still on the roadmap.

“They are indeed on our roadmap for the WooCommerce extension, but they’re not quite ready just yet. We’re unable to pinpoint a specific rollout date at this stage, but we are actively working on it.”

We have indeed indicated that what has been announced is still in the roadmap.

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