Image paths in a master page break in new files created from it

I created a Master Page that includes an image from a directory where images are stored on my site. The path to that image is a relative one.

I created a new webpage from that Master Page. As soon as I saved this new webpage in the folder I needed it to be in on my site that image disappeared because the relative path to that image was not updated when saved. This path remained the same as it is in master page file, and so is broken in the new webpage due to its different location.

I have a similar issue with images in components. As soon as I drag my component into a page, the paths to the images remain as they are in the component file, and so are broken in the page they are used in.

Does Pinegrow have a feature that will automatically update these relative paths? If so, how is it put in effect? If not, what is the best way to manage these paths in master pages?

Hi @Artist,
Right-clicking on the file in the Project window will bring up a context menu. In the Pages section at the bottom there is a “fix links…” item. Using this on the pages created from the Master Page or containing components should help out with your problem.
Let me know if this works out,

That worked like a charm. Thanks.

Since this is a step that will have to be done every time a component, or master page, is used there ought to be a way to configure Piinegrow to automatically fix links whenever a component is dragged in, or when whenever a page is saved, most especially one that is created from a master page, or contains components. Is there?