Anchors on Master Page?

Odd behavior, and I’m sure there must be a fix - but I sure can’t find it…

Just creating a “back to top” link on a master page:

Works fine. As it should.
When applied to child pages, PG is ADDING the complete path back to the Master template:

Is there another way to make this that I am just not seeing?

i have a template that adds in some standard <head> elements, and what i’ve found is that after you include the template file, you break the link back to the original source… so what i do is:

right click on the element and un-check “use as component” from the actions tab.

now this means it’s no longer connected to the template file, so if you make any changes to is they won’t propagate and you will have to make the same changes to this file.

components are kinda the long way round for a simple cut-n-paste, but there you have it.

Thank you so much. I would NEVER had found that, but it seems like that will work.
It did require me running the “Fix Links” on the updated pages, but the “#top” works.

The more I use PG the more I appreciate this forum. Hope to be able to pay it back someday soon.

I really wish that PG would update and combine all the help files. I keep feeling like finding what I need is more work than it needs to be.
Next is diving into EDITABLE ares on components. Thought I had it, but then when I update all, the edits I made were wiped out… but that’s for another post.

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You’re welcome. Yes, the help is tutorials kinda tend toward folding in on themselves if you try to follow them. Recursive, is a word i would use. I have some more posts related to my experiences with components and master pages elsewhere on this forum you can search for.