IMG filter and Typography Bug in PineGrow 6.1 & Chrome 99

Left: PineGrow 6.1
Right: Chrome 99

I was doing some CSS art in PineGrow and I noticed that the filters give very different results in Chrome. Provided the pictures above to see the difference between basically all the filters, but shown are multiply, color-dodge and lighten.

The image behind the CSS-art is actually the problem-starter; it renders differently in PineGrow and Chrome, and maybe it’s due to double opacity problems using hsla() and opacity: 0.9, but that shouldn’t matter in the end of the day as I believe PineGrow uses Chromium under the hood.

Second, the default typography of PineGrow is out of Sync with the default typography of MacOS. You can see that from the H1 title above the image.

I’m currently running High Sierra and it uses Helvetica Neue, but maybe PineGrow sets it’s own default rather than the OS default.

If you need more information @matjaz or anyone at PineGrow (codepen), than let me know so you can investigate. But if you want to set it up yourself, use a b&w image and draw some CSS shapes on top and see for yourself.

Hi @BonoBoos,
Right now Pinegrow has Chromium 92 under the hood. I’m not sure of the timeline for getting to Chrome 99 right now. I would have to guess that this is what is causing the differences, but I haven’t looked through all of the changelogs.

With respect to the fonts. If one isn’t specified in your stylesheet it should default to ‘Times’. That is also the default font in Chrome unless changed. If you do an inspect in Pinegrow versus in your browser are they the same in the computed tab?


@BonoBoos PG 6.1 uses an even older version of Chromium. We upgraded to 92 in PG 6.2. Did you try with the latest version?