Impossible to copy paste text, in plain text (without the HTML of the clipboard)


It is impossible to copy paste text, in plain text (without the HTML of the clipboard), in a Mac the shortcuts it is: cmd + SHIFT + V
There it does not work …

And vice versa:
In the Code Editor part, you can not paste the HTML from the clipboard.

A shortcut menu or menu in the navigation bar would be welcome, in addition to the shortcuts

thank you

Hi @JoseFR it works fine for me on my mac but I just cmd + v. Also if you click on the click on the clipboard icon in the top menu you can see what is in the clipboard and click the arrow to paste a particular element.

Clipboard icon last in screenshot below:

Little arrow to right of clipboard will paste the corresponding content.

You can also choose where to paste the content but be aware of what content you have selected on the page as it will paste in relative to it.

Hope this is helpful to you.

Yes Rob you’re right, it works when you copy glue HTML elements inside pinegrow (from pinegrow to pinegrow) (this keeps the HTML from the clipboard).

However, When you copy HTML to your browser and paste it into pinegrow, you lose HTML from the clipboard.

When you copy HTML on the web, there are two things stored in the clipboard: the raw text, and, HTML.

It would be nice to: paste raw text and HTML. And not just raw text.

Normally, the logical behavior would be: paste the HTML, and if cmd + SHIFT + V is pressed, paste the raw text. In most publishers it’s like that.

thank you

If I’m doing what you are trying to do I would just click Page > Edit code and paste it wherever I want the copied code to placed and it works fine but maybe I’m not fully understanding what you are trying to achieve.

If you copy HTML to Chrome (for example, an HTML link),
And you paste it into the Wordpress editor for example,
Then the editor of Wordpress will use the HTML clipboard, and you will get as rendered a link HTML,
If you want to paste only the text paper clip, you must use cmd + shift + V,
There in Pinegrow this is systematically text, you lose HTML copied
There you have an example: