Can not copy paste to notepad

I’m trying copy paste the html code from pinegrow to html.

  1. I try to copy html from Tree Page Structure window. Righclick then choose copy, then open notepad and paste to it. Well, nothing pasted.
  2. I try to copy html from element code window. Select all and then right click, well, nothing right click option there.
    So, how could i copy this code from pinegrow to notepad???

From the code windows, select all the content (or just a part) with your mouse and use the copy shortcut (CMD/CTRL C) then use the paste shortcut in your notepad window (CMD/CRTL V).

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What do you mean with “code window”? do you mean “Elemen Code tab”?
I see some tabs on there, "Element Properties tab, “Style css tab”, “element code tab”, “tree page structure tab”, “Action tab”, and “wordpress theme tab”

Oh, hi thanks, although no righclick menu display on “Elemen code tab”, i can copy and paste it from pinegrow to notepad by using select all (ctrl+a), ctrl+c , ctrl+v.
Why didn’t you add right click menu on this “element code window”?

Element code panel and Page code panel are both fine, depending on what you want/need to copy.
Read more about these 2 here: Code editing | Pinegrow Web Editor

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Hi thanks, i have done. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great feedback.