Indented nested Divs

I do a lot of copy and paste. Sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly where to copy so as to keep the divs correctly matched. I would love Pinegrow to automatically indent nested divs like this example below. This is taken from a really useful online div checker -
(example is not formatted properly here, should be tabbed about 4 spaces)

<div id=“page” class=“container page ssc-n ssw-n ssa-l sss-n btc-n btw-b bta-l bts-n ntc-n ntw-b nta-l nts-n ctc-n ctw-b cta-l cts-n ptc-n ptw-b pta-l pts-n”>
|<div class=“region region-leaderboard”>
| |<div class=“region-inner clearfix”>
| | |<div class=“block-inner clearfix”>
| | |</div>
| | |<div id=“block-locale-language” class=“block block-locale no-title even last block-count-2 block-region-leaderboard block-language” role=“complementary”>
| | | |<div class=“block-inner clearfix”>
| | | | |<div class=“block-content content”>
| | | | |</div>
| | | |</div>
| | |</div>
| |</div>
|<div id=“branding” class=“branding-elements clearfix”>
| |<div id=“logo”>
| |</div>