Interactions not Working

I’m having problems getting Interactions to work on my PG website. I tried to follow the tutorial "Adding Pinegrow Interactions to Booklers landing page…#3 Reveal Header… #4 Reveal the Benefits Section… and #5 Reveal the Latest Articles… " but these actions all fail to work. I suspect I did not properly install the module. Could someone let me know how to uninstall Interactions so I can try installing if again… or direct me to a tutorial that will step me through this process?

Hi @randyrie, I’m exactly not sure about your issue. So it would be great if you would explain more about the issue, exactly what is not working?

Assuming some issues, if are you having issue when deploying? Please check if you are missing pgia folder which actually contains the interactions library.

And about activating Interactions on a project in Pinegrow, go to Interactions Panel and Click on Activate. If you have it already activated then, interactions library files should be already there.

If you want to try uninstalling then, open your project and open one of the HTML files.

I hope this helps.

Now go to File menu > click on Manage libraries and plugins > go to Interactions and click Deactivate

And I’ve already mentioned above about activating interactions.

Our tutorials generally come with the basic HTML project and the final modified project that you can download and use to check and follow our instructions.

The first thing to do is check that the finished project you have downloaded from our tutorial page is 100% functional with your current version of Pinegrow. (the display/content/behaviour should be the same as in the tutorial)

If the test project works perfectly, the malfunction’s cause is most likely an implementation error on your side. Don’t panic; it happens. :wink:

Most of the time, the problems reported to us are related to attempts to directly copy/paste elements from our sample projects into documents that ALREADY contains custom CSS, Javascript, and possibly a structure that may conflict with our implementation.

To find the origin of the problem and fix it, you can either start again on a blank new project OR examine in detail the differences between your project and the test project. With some effort and a little time, there is no reason you can’t determine the origin of the problem by yourself.

However, if the test project doesn’t work, we cordially invite you to contact us, tell us exactly what’s wrong, and we’ll do what’s necessary to resolve the situation.

See our FAQ:

@randyrie you’ve got mail :slight_smile:

Thanks @Emmanuel for your email response and also @abirana for your suggestion
Pinegrow sent me the solution: I hadn’t been adding the Interactions resources to the page so the Interactions code wasn’t being added.
Everything works fine now! :smiley: